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There's trouble in River City!

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Over the past several months people have been coming down with a disease. Scientists and doctors are baffled. Sometimes the symptoms appear and disappear. Increasingly often they kill suddenly. And the disease is spreading rapidly. Each month that passes brings more sickness. The people are scared. The toll is mounting and there is no cure in sight.

Is this a new illness or several in combination?

What is the cause?

Is there anything that can stop it's spread?

The situation has become so severe that Mayor Bowman has determined that her only option is to seek outside help. As it turns out - your students have the training and skills that River City needs. Their understanding of scientific method is crucial to this mission and will increase as they make observations and record data. As a team your students will hone their understanding, create a hypothesis and experiment to see their solution in action.

Will you help?

There is one other thing we didn't mention - River City is really far away… over 130 years far away. River City exists in the year 1878! If you are going to help you will need to travel through time to get there. Your student's will bring their 21st century skills and technology to observe and address this 19th century plague in the making. You are probably River City's only hope…

Of course - if you decide to accept Mayor Bowman's request - we have the way to get you there. We have been experimenting with Temporal Field Buffers that theoretically can send entire teams to past events. Once there they can analyze and record what is happening. We can even jump them through instances of time-space to see how the disease progresses and what solutions actually work!

You are probably thinking, "Gee, I wonder how that works…"

Well it's a little complicated and takes a tremendous amount of power.

But - we are in a little bit of a hurry - so if you could make up your mind…


- The River City Team

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